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  • Model:- Mist
  • Color:- SS/Black
  • Control:- Touch/ Hand Motion Sensor
  • Size:-60/75/90 cm
  • Technology:- Auto Clean
  • Air Extraction Capacity:- 1300 m3/hr
  • Filter:- Removable Easy to Clean & Durable Baffle Filter
  • Oil Collector:- Yes SS Large Removal Oil Collector


lifeGuard Mist dry auto clean kitchen chimney is not just beautifully designed but is also hassle free to use with its new Dry Auto Clean along with Large Oil Collector feature. The device features a lighting system with an inbuilt incandescent led light.

lifeGuard Mist comes with strong powerful motor which is responsible for driving the fan blades to extract air from the surrounding environment and push it through the ducts and filters. Air extraction capacity of motor is 1300 m3/hr which provides effective removal of smoke, odor, and other pollutants from the kitchen or other areas, Improved air quality and ventilation for a healthier living environment Though with powerful motor, it’s silent operation with less than 68 db(A) makes your kitchen a noise and smoke free zone.

lifeGuard Mist Auto Clean Chimney is a type of kitchen chimney that equipped with a feature that automatically cleans the chimney’s internal parts. This feature usually involves a heating element that heats up the oil and grease collected inside the chimney, turning them into ash. The ash then gets deposited into a separate oil collector for easy disposal.Here are some potential benefits of using lifeGuard Mist auto clean chimney:

  • Saves time and effort by eliminating the need for manual cleaning
  • Reduces the risk of fire by removing accumulated oil and grease
  • Helps to maintain the chimney’s suction power and efficiency
  • Can extend the lifespan of the chimney by preventing damage due to excessive oil buildup
  • Offers hassle-free maintenance and cleaning for busy households


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