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  • Model:- CADI
  • Color:- SS/Black
  • Control:- Touch/ Sensor
  • Size:-60/75/90 cm
  • Technology:- Dry Auto Clean
  • Filter:- Conical SS
  • Oil Collector:- SS Oil Cup
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This Lifeguard Cadi heat auto clean kitchen chimney is not just beautifully designed but is also hassle free to use with its new Heat Auto Clean along with SS OIL COLLECTOR feature. The device features a lighting system with an inbuilt incandescent lamp.This stainless steel hood shape with curved toughened glass finished dry auto clean chimney with ss oil collector cup occupies very small space in the kitchen. Hassle free and easy to clean with oil collector feature. Suction Capacity-1300 m3/hr which provides effective air flow for better suction capacity. Though with powerful motor, it’s silent operation with less than 68 db(A) makes your kitchen a noise and smoke free zone.


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