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Make:- lifeGuard
Model:- EZCook
Colour:-  Black
Control:- Touch & fire power adjustable knob
Material:-  Glass
Heating Elements:- 1
Power:- 2200-Watts
Special Feature:-  Portable
Compatibility:- Designed to work with a wide range of cookware utensils  materials including stainless steel, cast iron, enameled cast iron, and magnetic stainless steel and other utensils.



lifeGuard EZCook Infrared cooktops are gaining popularity in the culinary world due to their unique technology, versatility ( Compatible with a variety of cookware utensils) & various other benefits. Here’s a brief overview of the advantages associated with lifeGuard EZCook infrared cooktops:

Quick Heating:
Rapidly reaches high temperatures up-to 2200W for faster cooking.

Energy Efficiency:
Direct heat transfer reduces energy consumption.

Even Cooking:
Ensures uniform heat distribution for consistent results.

Temperature Control:
Firepower adjustment knob allows precise adjustments for various cooking needs.

Easy Cleaning:
Minimal spills and easy cleanup due to lower surface temperatures.

Compatible with a variety of cookware materials.

Modern Design:
Sleek and contemporary aesthetic for modern kitchens.

Environmental Impact:
Lower energy consumption contributes to sustainability.

Consistent Performance:
Maintains a steady level of heat for reliable cooking.


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