Removal of calcium and magnesium dissolved in hard water

Hard water is the water that contains a high rate of mineral content, which is formed when the water penetrates through the deposits of limestone and chalk. The hard water contains a large percentage of calcium and magnesium carbonates and this is what makes the water hard. You can find that hard water can be indicated by the lack of suds formation at the time when the soap is distressed in water. Though water hardness is a big concern, but with the usage of water softener it can be easily reduced and can remove calcium from water. The most common means of removing the water hardness totally rely on the ion-exchange resin or reverse osmosis.

How to Convert Hard water into Soft Water?

Do you know how to convert hard water into soft water? It is by using the water softener. There are different water softeners available in the market and they are regarded as ion exchange systems. In such systems, it is the hardness ions that are exchanged for salt (sodium or potassium) ions. The exchange is done within the resin tank of the water softener and the process is explained like it comes in contact with small resin beads, which are covered with salt ions. In the water softening process, the water flows through the resin beads and the hardness of ions trade places with salt ions. Thus, softening of water is explained to be as a technique that can easily serve the removal of the ions and make the hard water soft.

Water softener helps in removing the minerals that make the water hard. Hard water can clog pipes and you can also experience that soap don’t get dissolve in it easily. Hard water can evoke the risk of lime scale deposits in the household water systems. It is due to the impact of limescale that can block the pipe and get it clogged. Beside this, another negative effect of hard water is that it can even damage the household machinery. Thus, the usage of the water softener means the ultimate enhancement of the life of the household machine, and even boosting the lifespan of the pipelines as well.

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